Thursday, October 06, 2005

Which border to protect first?

There has been alot of "Conservative" press lately about protecting our borders. Every time you see Hannity lately he's on the Mexican border saying how the border patrol needs more help, etc. I agree. The border patrol needs more help. The Mexican border is a problem.

Now we have a petition to put a fence up between the US and Mexico. Great Idea.

One Question... What about Canada? Over the years we have had many AWOL individual "escape" to Canada to avoid their service to this country. One article I read recently discusses how a man who was AWOL for a year escaped to Canada using his Military ID. Now, if it's that easy for us to get into Canada, how hard is it for others to get into the US from Canada?

Especially when you have things like Sharia Law being proposed in Canada. And the large wooded areas along the border where you could walk through undetected.


-End of Ramble

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Lucid Guy said...

Both borders are fricken crazy. Let's start with one of them for God's sake. I know this is the land of the free - but that doesn't mean it's free for the taking. Our Consitution charges Congress with protecting us from invasion. Well guess what - we have an invasion!