Friday, October 14, 2005

Feds' want to get the money while they can!

If this doesn't bring you to support the Fair Tax, what will?
Lower Tax Breaks for homeowners
What do we do now! Work to pass the Fair Tax, that's what! Many peoples homes are now worth more than $300k due to the housing boom, even though that's not what people paid for them. See my links on the side of this page, or just go to the Fair Tax web site. This has GOT to stop. The Government does not deserve any more of our money!

-End of Ramble


Lucid Guy said...

This is outrageous. It's almost like the Congress has noticed that there was a housing boom over the last 24 months or so and have been working on a way to screw the American tax payer. Let's pass the Fair Tax and not worry about mortgage deductions.

melgibsonismyhero said...

I agree. To hell with the mortgage deduction. As well to hell with the mortgage banking industry, the titley insurance industry, the real estate appraiser industry, the real estate agent industry and all of the people employed there directly and indirectly. To hell with them all.

Ordinary Guy said...


Have you read about the Fair Tax?

You are reacting without research...