Monday, March 13, 2006

Ports deal is dead

I didn't support it...

Then I did support it...

I have to say I'm happy it's dead. It was a typical piece of what you get with politicians who can't see what's good for this country from who they might upset. There is no way that a foreign government (get that -- government) should own the management of something as important as our ports.

I do think that this is a win for the Long shore man's union, but that's another story (a tragedy, really)...

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Leftist George Clooney is even upset with the Dem's

Now who do the Leftist's stand for? Are they going to release their strangle hold on the Democratic Party?

I have to say that I have to respect George for remaining strong in his convicitons. He has never supported the war in Iraq, and now he is even attacking the people he has supported because they don't share his views.

Read the article here.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Comments on where this Ordinary Guy stands

I recently had a conversation that I thought I would put out here… I will summarize the questions…

Question: What is your stand on the legalization of Marijuana?

Comments: That's a tough one... Personally I don't have a problem, the issue is that we have a problem with Cig's getting in the hands of minors already... How would we control it so they don't fry their little brains too early?

Just like cigs, I guess. parental involvement, education, no one under 18 or 21 - like alcohol. ???

You keyed on the problem... Parental involvement. That is the problem already. People want to have the sex, have the kids, and then don't give a crap what they do. Look at the mall on a Friday night. A republic (what we are, not a democracy) only works when personal responsibility exists.

When you have that, the laws become easy to enforce, because everyone knows that what they do has personal consequences. We live in a "blame storming" society today.

Example: Katrina.

For me, it's all about personal responsibility and getting the government out of the way. We are a Republic, not a communist / socialist state, which is what everyone seems to want when you look at something like Katrina.

Oh woe is me... Take care of me King George W. Bush. I am owned by the state.

Question: How do you answer the tuff questions like abortion?

Comments: Abortion is not a matter of government control. Get out of my life. If I choose not to support abortion, that is my gig, if you choose to support it, that's your gig, but ultimately it is NOT the governments.

Sound's like a cop-out, right? But the reality is that if we have real, honest discussion about sex, and people had personal responsibility for their actions, abortion wouldn't be an issue, would it?

If you know that you have sex and could get pregnant (that goes for both the man and the woman when I say you) then you better be prepared to take responsibility for the life you create.

The Pill is only 99% effective...

Question: Wow, you're right. Abortion is between you and your God not you and the government? I think that personal responsibility went out the window when lawyers were allowed to advertise.

Comments: Again, for me, it's all about personal responsibility.

The Government is not a god, not a religion. It is designed to protect our national sovereignty, not our uteri.

So, if we get the government out of our lives and let personal responsibility back in. If we get the lawyers out of our lives, guess what? If you can't get rich suing someone, guess what? Things start to clean themselves up. Sure, it will stay bad for a while, but the generation that comes will start to turn this ship around.

I have already started... Teach your children... If you smoke pot, you are going to kill braincells... What does that mean? Probably won't get that high paying job. That's your choice. You make it.

Have sex, you could get pregnant... What does that mean? You now have someone else to care about that is more important than you. Less time for fun. Less time to be a kid. That's your choice. You make it.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Video Shows Bush Warned Before Katrina Hit - Yahoo! News

Video Shows Bush Warned Before Katrina Hit - Yahoo! News

Okay people... So Bush knew. So they all thought it was going to be bad. I guess the only one who didn't think it was going to be bad was Mayor Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco.

My first thought on this when I contrast it with the Ports Debacle is:

"Do we live in a Monarchy?"

I mean are we expecting "King George" to solve all the problems for the serfs? Last I checked we lived in a Democratic Republic. What does that mean? That means that we are responsible for our own actions. If you stayed behind in New Orleans after all the warnings then that is your responsiblity. Granted, there were some who could not make it out for one reason or another. That is where thier fellow man should have come in to help them out... NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

It is the sychophants that live off the government that are looking to blame the government. Wake up call... This is the United States of America, a Free, Democratic Republic. We have no King.

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