Saturday, October 01, 2005

Meeting of the Mouths update

I had the privilege of attending Meeting of the Mouths 3 at the TD Waterhouse Center last night (30 Sep 05). It's an odd story how I got tickets, so I have to share it.

A friend of mine's brother rents a flat to the personal assistant for James Carville (one of the speakers at MOM3.) Through this contact he got two tickets to the show. We had no idea where the tickets would be at, and were very surprised to find out that we were on the floor, in the second row, right in front of the stage! It was awesome.

For those of you who don't know, MOM3 included James Carville, Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Clark Howard, and was moderated by Neil Cavuto. It was a very interesting group, with Hannity and Carville on the extremes. Howard and Cavuto both with great business sense, and Boortz brought his own sense Libertarian views just to stir the pot a bit.

I was sporting my brand new "Fair-Tax" t-shirt, and given the proximity got the chance to ah, express my opinion, when I felt it was necessary about supporting the Fair Tax. At one point I got a smile from Neal Boortz :D.

Overall the program centered on Iraq, Rebuilding New Orleans, and the fiduciary responsibility (or lack thereof) of our elected officials. One comment that hit home for me was that our elected officials should be fearful of loosing their jobs, which they do not seem to be. Perhaps we need to express our voting muscle to that effect. Some additional comments:

1. There is a pork barrel project that is some $50BB dollars to build a bridge in Alaska that will serve a large community of 50 people. Is that not just silly?

2. James Carville (who is a pretty good pulse of the Democratic Party) feels that the deciding issue for the 2008 election is going to be Energy, that Hillary will run in 2008, and that Iraq should be left to "Divide itself" into the Kurds, the Sunni's and the Shities. This got a lot of discussion.

3. In Colorado there is a law on the books that limits the amount of spending increase to the growth of the population and the GDP. This is a great idea and one we should look at implementing at the Federal level.

4. We need to help our Representatives in Congress and the Senate understand that their job is to do our will, "We the People", and they should all fear for their jobs!

5. Carrying Point 4 a little further... A Republican controlled Congress, A Republican Controlled Senate, and a Republican President and we have a 33% increase in spending in the past 5 years! They should consider this if they want to maintain their majority. The American people will not continue to put up with the frivolous spending that has been occurring.

6. Welfare reciepients are registered to vote when they sign up for Welfare! I have to do more research on this, but come on! If you are on Welfare, you don't get to vote!

Well, that's about it for now. If I think of more... I'll give it a post...

-End of Ramble


melgibsonismyhero said...

Hey OG. So despite welfare reform where recepients have to get jobs and money is cut off at some point, ANYONE GETTING WELFARE SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO VOTE? You have outdone yourself. That is truly amazing. Someone who is not a felon can't vote as they are on welfare. What about the single mom whose husband won't pay support and can't find a good job? No vote for her? Please advise.

Ordinary Guy said...

I have provided a post dedicated to this issue on Welfare reform. Take a look...