Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Time and Time Again

I found the recent cover of Time magazine that associated the flag raising at Iwo Jima with the junk science of global warming offensive. How dare that liberal rag equate the sacrifice and courage of our forces in World War II to the political football of global warming.

This is not the first time that Time has sounded the "global climate upheaval" alarm. In June of 1974 Time warned all of us that another Ice Age was coming. Well Time, which is it? Are we freezing or burning up?

I know for a fact that I'm burning up! The man that I am named for, my uncle, died at Iwo Jima after having survived the D-Day landing in France. That's right, my uncle fought in Normandy and then at Iwo Jima. He was a medic and died attempting to save the lives of other courageous men. He fought and died for the freedoms which many, like Time magazine, abuse and twist into political sewage.

Global warming is not proven - it's hardly a decent theory. The facts are the Earth gets colder and the Earth gets warmer. Mainly due to solar activity which correlates much better with temperature than greenhouse gases. Until we nuke the place, the Earth will continue to go through warming and cooling cycles.

If Time magazine wants to make a positive impact on the environment, stop printing the magazine. That should reduce the heat by a few degrees.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Global warming caused by...

ALIENS! Micheal Crichton has taken us on a scientific journey that will amaze you and make you question much of the 'science' that has been thrown around today. This is non-fiction and is a great read and will make you think...

It also supports the position that Global Warming is based not on science... but consensus. Please take the time to read it. A small snip is shown below and the whole article is found HERE.

And so, in this elastic anything-goes world where science-or non-science-is the hand maiden of questionable public policy, we arrive at last at global warming. It is not my purpose here to rehash the details of this most magnificent of the demons haunting the world. I would just remind you of the now-familiar pattern by which these things are established. Evidentiary uncertainties are glossed over in the unseemly rush for an overarching policy, and for grants to support the policy by delivering findings that are desired by the patron. Next, the isolation of those scientists who won't get with the program, and the characterization of those scientists as outsiders and "skeptics" in quotation marks-suspect individuals with suspect motives, industry flunkies, reactionaries, or simply anti-environmental nutcases. In short order, debate ends, even though prominent scientists are uncomfortable about how things are being done.

When did "skeptic" become a dirty word in science? When did a skeptic require quotation marks around it?

To an outsider, the most significant innovation in the global warming controversy is the overt reliance that is being placed on models. Back in the days of nuclear winter, computer models were invoked to add weight to a conclusion: "These results are derived with the help of a computer model." But now large-scale computer models are seen as generating data in themselves. No longer are models judged by how well they reproduce data from the real world-increasingly, models provide the data. As if they were themselves a reality. And indeed they are, when we are projecting forward. There can be no observational data about the year 2100. There are only model runs.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Explain this Yale...

My first comment is what is this individual thinking?

My second comment is why is she not seeking mental health counseling?

My third comment is will Yale let her pass and graduate?

This is the most egregious, disgusting example of what is wrong with the American educational system today.

Please check it out... and react in the comments.

Link is Here

Another one is Here

Yale, please redeem yourself.

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*** UPDATE ***

Looks like Yale is not going to allow the "art" exhibit to be displayed. Link is here

Could it be that there is some decency left at that institution?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Tax Man Cometh

Paying your taxes - the American Dream. Wasn't that fun? The best part about paying your taxes is knowing that the government is spending the money wisely and that everyone is paying their fair share. Right? I almost typed that without busting out laughing. So I have a question for you, how much tax did you pay last year? If you said, "nothing, I got money back", then you are the truly misguided and misinformed constituent that our government is hoping for. The government has a marvelous plan of getting your money before you even see it. Then, the IRS makes you feel good when they provide you with a refund - of course that was your money that they took too much of in the first place.

It's time we stop worrying about who's paying what and if you can take advantage of a tax shelter or a loop hole. It's time we adopt the Fair Tax and move into a more fiscally responsible tax collection mode.

The Fair Tax is the best way to protect lower income Americans from heavy tax burdens and at the same time obtain more tax from more wealthy individuals. Take the time to become educated on the Fair Tax and then tell your Senators to get on board too.

It's time we shift the power back to the people.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Take Your Gun To Work

Florida is very close to supporting the second amendment with legislation that allows employees and customers to bring guns to work or a place of business and then leave the gun locked in their car. The measure is designed to allow individuals to protect themselves while they are traveling to and from work.

Critics of this legislation state that it trumps the private property owners rights to say what can and can not occur on their property. Well, in the words of Neal Boortz, "dog squeeze". Individuals rights to protect themselves should come first.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

She's F***ing Obama

I love this...

If you haven't seen the Jimmy Kimmel version then do a search for it on YouTUBE...

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Environmental report out... interesting statistics

I need to go on record to say that I believe that we should all be good stewards of the Earth and that it is our God given responsibility to take care of his earth. At the same time the thought that the US is the great evil that is solely responsible for any sort of rise in CO2 gas is just stupid. Over at the Political Nightmare there is a great article talking about several reports around the percentage increase or reduction in CO2 production.

Check out the stats:

From 1990 through 2004, UN figures show increases in Green House Gas emissions as follows:

United States: 13.3%
Canada: 24.2%
Spain: 44.7%
Portugal: 36.7%
Ireland: 25.6%
Greece: 25.8%
Finland: 21.5%
Austria: 16.5%

Who is the lowest on the list? Where is the socialist French? Go check out the article to read more. Join the forums at Political Nightmare to get in the game on the discussion.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Arthur R. Miller had it right --- in 1967

Recently I wrote here about PCI, RFID and data compliance and security. Back in 1967 Arther R. Miller wrote in the Atlantic Monthly in an article title "The National Data Center and Personal Privacy" about a similar thing. 41 Years ago! The article was recently re-discovered and posted on Modern Mechanix Blog and can be found here.

An excerpt that is particularly telling:

Finally, the risks to privacy created by a National Data Center lie not only in the misuse of the system by those who desire to injure others or who can obtain some personal advantage by doing so. There also is a legitimate concern that government employees in routine clerical positions will have the capacity to inflict damage through negligence, sloppiness, thoughtlessness, or sheer stupidity, by unintentionally rendering a record inaccurate, or losing it, or disseminating its contents to people not authorized to see it.

To ensure freedom from governmental intrusion, Congress must legislate reasonably precise standards regarding the information that can be recorded in the National Data Center. Certain types of information should not be recorded even if it is technically feasible to do so and a legitimate administrative objective exists. For example, it has long been “feasible,” and from some vantage points “desirable,” to require citizens to carry and display passports when traveling in this country, or to require universal fingerprinting. But we have not done so because these encroachments on our liberties are deemed inconsistent with the philosophical fiber of our society. Likewise, highly personal information, especially medical and psychiatric information, should not be permitted in the center unless human life depends upon recording it.

Go check it out. It's worth the time and the read. Interesting how things that are foretold in the past come to fruition and how we continue to fail to learn.

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