Monday, January 30, 2006

The ACLU (et. al.) has done a disservice to our children

I have been thinking quite a bit about our school system in this country since reading "The War on Christmas" by John Gibson. There are several groups which are led by the ACLU that continue to attack Religion in all facets of the public square. The only reason I can come up with is so they can push their own religion -- Secular Humanism. They use the Establishment Clause as their fence post (which, BTW, was put in the constitution to keep government out of religion, not religion out of Government.)

First, doesn't it seem like a contradiction that they use this clause to push one religion while squashing another?

Next, I started thinking about our public schools. Our school administrators have become so frightened of lawsuits that if someone mentions their unhappiness and/or questions them where there may even be a twinge of a lawsuit they immediately back down. What does this do to our education in this country? It forces mediocrity. Hang on... This is a wild ride...

Here we go. Because our school administrative staff and teachers most be so attuned to not offending anyone they now spend most of their time looking for lessons that are so washed down that they fail to take a stand on anything. When you fail to stand up for a certain set of values, or for known historical events (right or wrong) because you might offend someone what happens?

You end up with a watered down version of the truth. Did the white man hunt and kill Indians (sorry, Native Americans) in the 18th / 19th Century? Did the white man promote slavery? Was this country founded on Christian Values? Was the school system created to promote educated Christians? Are we a democracy or a Republic? Was this country built on the blood, sweat, and painful backs of many others who have come before us? Did we not stand up to tyranny from Great Britain to gain our freedom from an autocratic system of government? Did the Crusades occur to stomp out Islam? Did the Czar's abuse their people? Is communism just another form of a socialist dictatorship? Is Saudi Arabia a Dictatorship?

Was all this pleasant? No. Did people Die? Yes. Did people get abused? Yes. Is it part of our historical culture? Yes. Should we teach these things? Yes. Should we worry about offending one person so much so that these historical realities are sliced, diced, minced, and watered down to the point of absurdity?


We have abandoned our historical (albeit short) context in favor of not offending anyone who becomes part of this great melting pot we call the United States. The United States of America was founded by Christians seeking freedom from the Church of England. This is our heritage. We have fought for the rights of our own people and for the rights of others. This is our heritage. We have made some mistakes and we have fixed them over and over again. This is our heritage. We must not bow to those who would push our heritage out the window based on their own desires. This includes those who would push out Christianity, or change our traditional views on marriage, or make the dislike of a particular lifestyle a "Hate Crime". One of the greatest gifts we have in this country is the right to disagree. It's okay. It's also part of our Heritage.

Let me leave you with a great statement by our first President and the man responsible for our freedom...

"It is impossible to rightly govern the world with God and the Bible" -- George Washington.

Tell me now that Christianity is not part of our heritage.

-End of Ramble.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas wins in Palestine ... and now for the religious wars

Hamas has won in Palestine... Why? Is it because the Palestinian people have a deep seeded hatred for the Israelis? I think not. Could it be that they are just sick and tired of the corruption from the Fatah? More likely.

Yea Yea Yea... This has been covered all over the place, but here is the point I want to make...

Back to the War on Christianity (not Christmas)... Does it not seem as if there is a global hatred for any religion? Where is this coming from? Is it real, or is it just our Media here reporting it this way? Hannity is even spinning this as we are going to have to protect our ally Isreal from the Hamas threat. Okay, so I agree with the ally protection and to his point Hamas has said on more than one occasion that Israel should be wiped out (as does the Iranian Islamo-Fascist President) but is this about religion, or nations, or something else?

Religion is something that permeates your life. You cannot escape it. You cannot segregate it and say "I won't talk about my religion in school because the state says I can't". It's not possible. It is part of you and part of your life... It defines you.

This is the point that is being missed by many, especially those that are not religious. And it seems that it is those that do not have a religious background that find it easy to remove it from the public square. It is those same people who don't understand the hatred that exists between Muslims and Jews.

This is the point that is missed. Religion cannot be segmented when you walk in one door and out another. That is why those who don't have it will not ever understand the "War on Christmas", the War on Christianity, or what is happening in the middle east...

-End of Ramble

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The War on Christmas and other thoughts

I'm finishing up "The War on Christmas" right now and have had some thoughts on this...

In the book John Gibson makes a case that there is a war against Christianity in this country. I am not convinced from this book. I do believe that thier is a war on Christianity, however I think Mr. Gibson makes a more compelling case for a war on the commercialism that has become Christmas. The United States is absolutley crazy for Christmas, but not in the right way. We spend gobs of money on parties, gifts, decorations and in the end all we want is for it all to be over with. That is not a holiday, and people are rebelling agains Christmas, but using religion, and separation of Church and State as the pedestool upon which to build the case.

I have commented before that we as a country are watering down our heritage as Americans so much that we have become a nation that no longer stands for much of anything. We try to 'multiculturize' and practice 'diversity' so much that we no longer have a clear stance on anything. It is okay for us to have differing opinions. It is okay for us to disagree. It is part of what makes us stronger. What we try to do now is accomodate everything. And that is the crux of Mr. Gibson's book. We try to be inclusive of all religions, everyones opinions, instead of looking at any one thing (Christmas in this case) as something that is already a mix of different cultures and has now become something that is uniquely American.

We cannot accomodate everyone's individuality in all things that are in the open. It is not possible. In every decision there is always a winner and a looser. Even if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

-End of Ramble

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

From Boortz's site

A great site for Fair Tax:

Somthing funny happened today

This just struck me funny...

Today I watched someone in their brand new Corvette (50+ year old man) get out of his mid-life crisis strutting like he had no care in the world and was obvioiusly the 'coolest' thing out there. First thing I noticed was his un-tucked shirt hanging out of the back of his pants...

Then I noticed the fact that he was parked in a Handicap spot. I was not very happy about his arrogance and was going to mention to him that there are people who need to have that handicapped spot and someone who is not handicapped should not be parking there. As I was about to speak to him I noticed something on the back of his slacks.

There, for the world to see (but not him because it was on the back) was a very distinctive sign that solidified why he parked in the Handicapped spot...

36 x 30 ... 36 x 30 ... 36 x 30.

I know, the Handicapped spot is for physical handicapps, not mental, but I gave him some slack after that...

-End of Ramble