Monday, October 03, 2005

Welfare and Voting

Homeless Organization promotes voter registration

Well, just starting my research and I come across this on the National Homeless site. Now, if you have people that have the greatest to gain from government programs voting, do you really think they will vote to remove those who continue to support government programs?

There is a comment to my Meeting of the Mouths post that asks:

What about the single mom whose husband won't pay support and can't find a good job? No vote for her?

My first reaction was "Get a Job". My second reaction is "Get a Job". What I would say is that if you are on Welfare that does not preclude you from voting, what it says is that it shouldn't be sponsered by the Welfare office or, for that mater, Homeless organizations. If you can stand on your own two feet, you can get a productive Job. Child Welfare is not precluded because the mother is working. There are plenty of opportunities to help the children, and the single mother, and if she wants to register to vote, then Yes, she can vote, but don't make it manditory because she is registering herself or her kids for Welfare.

That simple. Voting is a RIGHT in this country, it is not compulsory. That simple. No One should be forced to regiser to vote to recieve social programs... PERIOD.

-End of Ramble


melgibsonismyhero said...

Well, as usual you didn't read my post. You were too angry. I told you she had a job. Just not a good one. So she has to rely on financial assistance. Maybe even food stamps as well. She has 2-3 kids. No child support or alimony. And a job that pays $12 an hour. Can't afford a good home due to rising real estate values taking away low cost apartments.

Your answer is "get a job." Its that simple. How is she going to get a GOOD job? Or should she just get 2 or 3 jobs and allow the state or grandparents or neighbors to raise her kids? Good solution? I think not. Life isn't so black and white. Everyone can't drop what they are doing and get a $40 an hour job with a high school diploma (hopefully). Get a job. Nice. Simple. Easy to say. Sincerely,
Mr. Compassion

melgibsonismyhero said...

why don't we just ammend the US Constitution so that only people who have jobs can vote? Would that make you happy? Its what you are saying.

Ordinary Guy said...

Nope, I read your post. I get it. I am not trying to be uncompassionate, I am just being unclear.

Let me try again.

Why FORCE them to register to vote when they get Welfare? Why do that? Why is Welfare a voter registration location? If she wants to vote, on welfare or not, she has that right!

What I am arguing is that in order to get Welfare NOW she MUST register to vote. Why is that? That does not seem right, does it?

It's not about her rights, or her ability, or her job, or my anger. It's about the fact that in order to get Welfare she must register to vote.

Seems silly, doesn't it?

-End of Ramble

melgibsonismyhero said...

Listen you don't get it. I don't care about registering to vote where welfare is collected. It probably shouldn't be there. Like in some states it shouldn't be at DMV offices. In some states you are automatically registered to vote when you get your license. If you don't like the law in your state, change it. Your original post was people on welfare shouldn't be allowed to vote. Don't try to hide from your original comment. People on welfare have EVERY right to vote. Just like disabled people. Just like retired people. Just like get it. Or do you really want to ammend the constitution so that only people who make a certain amount of money can vote? Or that people with certain net worths can vote? I am not debating with you over registering voters in welfare offices. Don't jump from one absurd comment to a less absurd one to try to hide from the former.

Ordinary Guy said...

Now, who is letting their anger speak?

You are right! I admit it. I mis-spoke when I said that people on Welfare shouldn't be allowed to vote. What I meant to say was that it shouldn't be a forced activity to get welfare!

I sit, and type, corrected.

- End of Ramble

melgibsonismyhero said...

Angry? Me? Hardly. Just frustrated it took 3 postings to get you to admit a simple, honest error. Thanks.

Ordinary Guy said...

Never said I was perfect, just a rambling ordinary guy :D