Friday, October 07, 2005

The Internet is in Danger from the UN!

Internet is in Danger from the UN

Nealz Newz again. Read this article. Scary. Isn't it bad enough that they want to punish us (that is Americans) for causing Global Warming through Kyoto? What is the UN going to do about China then? Are we going to go "Least Common Denominator" and say that everything should be censored?


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melgibsonismyhero said...

At least the UN won the Nobel for allowing Iran, NK, Libya and Pakistan to initiate or expand nuke programs.

Ordinary Guy said...

Now, isn't that funny. I saw that but felt it was just to silly to comment on...

Let's see...

North Korea -- Nukes -- Check!
Pakistan -- Nukes -- Check!
Libya -- Nukes -- Check!
Iran -- Nukes -- Check!

Great! How about a Nobel Peace Prize?

Stupidity knows no bounds...

-End of Ramble

Lucid Guy said...

Kyoto was specifically designed to punish the United States and to reward almost every other county. Gee, I wonder why Bush didn't just blindly sign it?

melgibsonismyhero said...

Because the US Sentate voted 95-0 to decline Kyoto WHILE CLINTON WAS IN OFFICE. The Senate approves treaties of all types. The President only presents them for approval by the US Senate.

Ordinary Guy- glad I could make you laugh. For once.