Friday, October 21, 2005

Belinda Noah on Taxes

Noting that the income tax system is one of the pillars of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, Florida, U. S. Senatorial Candidate, Belinda Noah says there could be a silver lining in the negative preliminary report from President Bush’s Tax Reform Panel which was tasked with suggesting fundamental changes to how Americans are taxed.

“Members of Congress are well aware of the fact that Americans and American corporations are screaming for real tax reform, not just this wishy-washy junk reported out of the committee. The President did not empanel them to just tinker around the edges of the present tax code. He asked for real and meaningful tax reform, something like the FairTax.”

“But, the tax reform panel, in effect, threw the tax reform hot potato back into the laps of the President and Congress. They may just as well have said that there is nothing wrong with the current code except the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). The mortgage deduction reduction is going to really sit well with the Hollywood crowd and with the recommendation that Congress put a cap on the health insurance write-offs...well there goes company paid dependent coverage. The Unions are really going to love that one!

“The founding fathers of the United States declared that a tax on income was incompatible with liberty so they made it un-constitutional.

The onerous income tax is the real reason American companies are being forced to move their headquarters offshore, resulting in millions of Americans loosing their jobs. It is also resulting in an increasing number of bankruptcies,” Dr. Noah stated.

Noting Americans for Fair Taxation’s Chairman Leo Linbeck’s comment that well-heeled lobbyists are manipulating the federal tax code for profit, “The time is right to scrap a tax code that hides the real tax burden from us, artificially inflates prices while holding down wages.” explained, Dr Noah. “That is why I am foursquare behind the FairTax Act now in the U.S. Senate, will co-sign on the Bill and work for its passage when I am elected to the Senate in 2006.”

She is right on.

Nothing else to say.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Fairtax supporters,

I have been thinking about it and I have an idea that could potentially get the Fairtax passed.
It is not at all complicated, but it requires the full support of Fairtax supporters and libertarians in general.

It is simple. Fairtax bloggers need to unanimously propose a libertarian voting block. Pledging full support to all politicians who vow to pass the Fairtax (regardless of their party affiliation). Republicans and Democrats are practically split 50-50. If we could promise 100% of our voting block, some of the politicians might take us up on our offer. If we can get politicians elected based on their support for the Fairtax, other of the slimy politicians will follow suit.

If you want to contact me, my email is or you can reach me from my blog at