Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fun with the ACLU...

Yes, Christmas cards. This is coming early (really early) so that you can get ready to include an important address to your list.

Send the ACLU a CHRISTMAS CARD this year.

As they are working so very hard to get rid of the CHRISTMAS part of this holiday, we should all send them a nice, CHRISTIAN, card to brighten up their dark, sad, little world. Make sure it says "Merry Christmas" on it

Here's the Address, just don't be rude or crude. (It's Not the Christian Way, you know!)

125 Broad Street
18th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Make sure to tell them that there is no such thing as a "Holiday Tree". . . . It's a
Christmas Tree even in the fields!!

-End of Ramble

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Are we motivated yet?

What is it going to take to motivate us, the United States, to move away from oil as a source of energy? Fidel's best friend, Hugo Chavez, is laughing at us and making sure that the world believes anything bad that happens to Venezuela is the United States fault. There would be such a beneficial, global domino effect if the United States was not dependent on oil for energy. Most of the financial sources for terrorism would dry up and dictators like Chavez and Ahmadinejad would no longer have a voice on the world stage. By the way, do you buy gas at 7-Eleven? Did you know that Citgo is owned by Venezuela?

I know that alternative sources of energy are not as energy rich as oil. I know that alternative energy sources are not as convenient or as portable as oil. I also know that we are an intelligent, resourceful people - when properly motivated. So, when are we going to get properly motivated? The time is now!

I will repeat a statement that I have made before on this blog. If you want to run for president of the United States and win, simply run on a platform consisting of 3 urgent planks. 1) Secure the southern border and then deal with existing illegals within the U.S. 2) Push The Fair Tax into law 3) Agressively pursue alternative energy with a mandate to move away from fossil fuels within ten years. I'll vote for any reputable candidate running on that platform.

##That's my opinion##

Sunday, August 13, 2006

MSNBC... Can't just be happy we stopped some terrorists!

I saw this on the front page at Digg and had to blog on it...
Source: U.S., U.K. at odds over timing of arrests

Some Bloggers have decided that this is a timed political statement by the Bush camp. MSNBC even seems to 'hint' in that general direction. Personally, I am happy to see more terrorists (or even potential terrorists) get stopped before they get a chance to do more damage. I don't know if more surveillance would have been helpful or not, what I do know is a message was sent...

We're watching you.

And were getting help from your friends.

-End of Ramble

P.S. SHAME ON YOU MSNBC! Are you trying to support the terrorists? Would it have been better news if people had actually died? Are you still pissed off that John "I voted for the 87 Billion before I voted against it" didn't get elected? Or is it Gore you are still pissed off about? Is it more important to make a political statement than to just say "Good Job guys!"?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ex-Muslim Lady SLAMS Islam (Awesome!)

An ex-Muslim criticises the practices of modern Muslim's. She says so much in such little time. I wanted to stand up and clap in front of my computer.

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