Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LOVE IT! Hilary Clinton in her true form...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obama Kills the space program... without space workers present

So I have been sitting on this for about a week or so, but I can no longer. Yesterday I see this post on Reuters about the space program and the loss of jobs with a prominent quote from Senator Bill Nelson:

"This NASA bill will push development of this new heavy-lift rocket with the goal to fly by 2016. Right off the bat, that would hire 2,000 of the space workers that otherwise would be losing their jobs," Nelson said.

He said another 2,000 workers would eventually be hired by firms developing space taxis and other commercial space services for NASA, under the proposal.

So he is now trying to be the hero. I have several friends who work for NASA (Not USA, which is the one most affected by the shutdown of the shuttle program) and now the shutdown of the Constellation program. As reported on this blog and in the Orlando Sentinel we see that Obama came to the Space Coast, stood in the room where the Apollo space craft were built which was recently converted to handle the Orion spacecraft and told how he believes the Orion should be used to carry people to space, but not on the Aries rocket series... effectively killing any future spacecraft development for NASA. This occurred on April 15th, 2010... the day after tax day.

What is so spectacular you might ask?

EVERY single KSC employee was TOLD TO STAY HOME WITH PAY! All the clapping, all the cheering, all those who 'approved'? Not one of them worked in the space program. Who else was in the Audience? Senator Bill Nelson. We have neutered our space program to such an extent that we now depend on 'private individuals' to push our program forward. If we had done that in the 60's we wouldn't have the space program, or Velcro, or Kevlar, or Vectran or... you get the picture. We have heard over and over again that we need more scientists, more engineers... where are they going to work? Who is going to push the envelope? After a tour of KSC I can attest that there is not much, if any waste there. They are continuing to use facilities and equipment from the 1960's! It's been updated, but seriously, that's how good it was designed ORIGINALLY... with Slide rules!

I am outraged that our President would go to the place where so much advancement has occurred... tell those who created it to stay home... and then kill all the work that has been done without any plan to move forward. And it's buried in the news. It took me a couple of days to find everything out and I had a starting point!

Be mad. Be upset. Our Government is wasteful and misguided. Send a message this year and again in 2012. It's time to stop just accepting and stand up for what is good and right in America.

-End of Ramble.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My U.S. Representative

Open comment to Alan Grayson. Hey Alan, to use a vernacular that you are familiar with...


I understand that you serve a useful purpose for your political party as a lightning rod attracting the majority share of criticism and attention, which provides cover for your peers. What I don't understand or appreciate is that you are MY U.S. Representative and you don't represent anything which I hold dear.

Your office sent my wife a copy of the U.S. Constitution, which is a nice gesture, but in today's economy, was that the most wise choice to spend tax payer money? Really? Your literature says that you carry a copy of the Constitution around with you in your pocket. Have you ever read it? How about Article I Section 8, "...To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions". So when can we expect the National Guard on the southern U.S. border to repel the illegal alien invasion? The number can be debated, but I think illegals numbering in the MILLIONS constitutes an invasion. I'm sure you would agree.

And Alan, if you disagree with former Vice President Cheney, why not put forth a reasoned argument for your position rather than opting for Internet slang? Oh that's right, you think all Republicans are "knuckle dragging neanderthals". You know of course that Mr. Cheney is correct and you have no defensible position. The President is providing aid and comfort to our enemy my bestowing constitutional rights to foreign combatants that claim no country of allegiance.

Mr. Grayson, you are an embarrassment to your district, your State, your party, and your Country. Please resign.

##That's my opinion##

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Basic Business Facts missing in Government

It appears to me that the basic business facts are just getting blown by in the current spending trend of our Government. The belief that the income can increase for the foreseeable future through the use of taxation is not only a flawed theory but one that is destined to destroy not only our economy but the country as a whole. In business school we are taught that the purpose of your ongoing concern is to service the profits of the shareholders. If meeting the basic premise of that rule begins to be one where the profits can no longer be serviced then the Ongoing Concern must be terminated. A classic case in point is recently I read an article in the Orlando Sentinel about a company that has had to close down because Charlie Crist (Florida Governor) accepted TARP money which required the company to pay unemployment on part time workers. It was cheaper for the company to close the doors then to continue to operate. Who does this affect? The ongoing concern employed workers who purchased things, paid taxes, supported their families... Now they are out of work and that cash flow is gone. The ongoing concern paid taxes, provided a valuable service, and provided profit for the shareholder(s)... no more.

So, what was once several credits on the balance sheet for the government is now not a zero dollar amount, but a debit because they are paying unemployment to those workers, perhaps welfare. This is basic accounting. The problem is that nobody in our most learned government is taking into account Organizational Behavior and the will of the people. This is an example of a small local company. What if you are a large Multinational? If it becomes cheaper to incorporate in China do you not think they will do that? Then they are no longer subject to the rules set by Washington. How does that help the American worker? Why do you think that many large organizations are incorporated in Delaware?

Basic human nature and the will to survive will lead the way... eventually... I just hope it is not too late.


Monday, November 09, 2009