Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Seminole County is worried your kids are going to the wrong school

Seminole County is worried your kids are going to the wrong school

Can you belive that they are going to charge parents and / or students with a 2nd degree Misdemeanor and up to a $500 fine because your kids are going to the wrong school? What has this world come to?

When are we going to wake up and realize that education is a choice, and we shold be able to make it! Give me back my tax dollars so that I can spend them where I want, and send my kids to school where I want!

-End of Ramble


melgibsonismyhero said...

Oh. So education is a choice. So instead of forcing parents to improve the school in their neighborhood they can just drive or fly or take a boat to any school they like? And we should just look the other way when the law is broken? What rules/laws do we enforce and which do we allow a "pass" on? First step to anarchy. Suggested by you. You are losing it.

Ordinary Guy said...

Not suggesting we pass on this rule, I'm saying the rule itself is the problem. Education is a right, yes, but a forced right? or enforced? We force are required to endoctrinate our children with the rules of the state unless we choose to send them to a private school. These parents are 'jockeying' for a good school. Why? Why not let capitalism take over? Why are we forced to send our children to school, and beyond that, a school mandated by the state? That is my question. Not rule enforcement, but the primary tenant of school districting, and forced education. Any smart parent is going to get thier kids in school... Why do we require the state to do it for us?