Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A sound bite nation!

Washington Monthly Article

This is exactly what the world is reacting to. We see sound bites and assume the worst. We here comments from people like Kanye West and think "Well maybe Bush does hate black people". We are like Brook Trout, or Lemmings, or any other comparison you want to make to animals who just suck in what is given to us.

Stop it... Stop assuming that a) everyone is out to get everyone else and b) what you here in the media is the end all beat all truth. You know what the best thing that could happen to this country is? The end of the force feeding of our brains from the Cathode Ray nipple.

Turn off the TV. I know, it hurts, but TURN IT OFF. Pay attention to your family. Go talk to others at the water cooler. Go toss a baseball with your kids.

- End of Ramble.

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