Friday, September 23, 2005

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This is global warming, says environmental chief
JUNK SCIENCE is what this should be titled.

If this was global warming, then explain how it happened in 1900! Or before that!

Asked about characterising them as "loonies", he said: "There are a group of people in various parts of the world ... who simply don't want to accept human activities can change climate and are changing the climate."

Who, exactly, does not want to accept this? I don't think that anyone would ever agree with that statement. Human activity will continue to affect the environment and the climate. This is classic double speak. Say that people don't get it, but don't quantify what 'it' is exactly. Let's just make sweeping changes like getting rid of all hydrocarbons. But what will be there to replace them?

Sir John, do you like electricity? Do you like transporation? Do you really understand E=MC2?

Sir John said: "Increasingly it looks like a smoking gun. It's a fair conclusion to draw that global warming, caused to a substantial extent by people, is driving increased sea surface temperatures and increasing the violence of hurricanes."

It's a fair conclusion? Really? Sir John, you are making a statement about Global Warming based on data since 1970. The last time we had this many hurricanes in this part of the world was in the early 1900's!

It's cyclical. Get over it and stop pushing your agenda.

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