Friday, September 09, 2005

ABC News: Kanye West Rips Bush at Hurricane Aid Show

ABC News: Kanye West Rips Bush at Hurricane Aid Show

I know this has been covered over and over again, and I do not listen to this "persons" music, but what gives any celebrity the right to make the statements that Kayne West did? As Mr. West said "George Bush doesn't care about black people," the camera's cut away from him, but why would he feel this way?

I ask you, Mr. West, what prompted these statements? Has Mr. Bush shown some sort of disrespect for black people? People like Colin Powell? Condilezza Rice? I don't understand how you can claim that President Bush does not like black people, as he has shown no such tendancy.

All the comments I have seen in this area have been based on the fact that Florida (after getting hit with 4 hurricanes last year) got rapid response. Well, first off, Florida did not get any faster response than the states affected by Katrina. The difference here is that, at least in Florida, the community BANDED TOGETHER to help each other. They did not point fingers. They did not look for handouts. They picked themselves up, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian... didn't matter ... And got themselves back on track. Instead we see looting on TV. We see people looking for hand outs. I don't care what your race is, if you are looting TV's you are a thief. Thief's will be dealt with according to the law.

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Lucid Guy said...

The aftermath of Katrina - the unprecedented need for help is the result of a liberal government. Government power is obtained and sustained by a people made dependent on government assistance. Government schools, government programs, and government interference in a capitalistic economy breeds a population that cannot think or take care of itself. Governement should not be your first support resource in time of crisis - you should be self reliant at least to a point. Have respect for yourself and your neighbor. Don't look for someone to blame before you look to yourself.