Monday, September 12, 2005

MSNBC On the Scene: Katrina's aftermath

MSNBC Video Slideshow

One of the last statements in this slideshow is "We need think about how those levee's are built, and how they are rebuilt, and a public commitment to making that possible."

My Question: Why?

Why rebuild the Levee's? Why Rebuild all of New Orleans? This slideshow also talks about the 5 part series that the Times Picayune did on the vulnerability of the city. Part of that series talks about the environmental damage that has already been done to the outlying islands BEFORE Hurricane Katrina. Now they are probably completely gone. So the question becomes, is it worth it? Now that the damage is done, is New Orleans as it was, worth it?

How about moving it and it's port inland. How about building the oil refineries ABOVE sea level (as a requirement).

And is there an insurance company on the planet that will give insurance to these people after this?

What is the return on investment to rebuilding New Orleans? We live in a huge country. Couldn't these people rebuild in other parts of it? Places that intrinsically make more sense than living underwater?

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melgibsonismyhero said...

Are you kidding me? Desert New Orleans? What a great city. All the history. All the tradition. All the transgender sex clubs. Obviously you have never been there. New Orleans should be built again, where it sits. Now if you want to build it up, improve the flood walls, and levees, OK. New Orleans is a great American City (now that Mayor Nagin lives in Dallas). Lets don't desert her.

Ordinary Guy said...

The French Quarter... The History ... Nope, don't desert it.

And, BTW... They are ABOVE Sea level...

All those place that are a) Below Sea Level and B) continuing to sink....

Let them go.