Thursday, September 08, 2005

Freedom, the gift to Americans paid for by Americans

Freedom is a gift, given by the blood of many Americans. What drives those who have given, and are willing to give their lives for our freedom? The values and morals of our American Society. If we continue to globalize our society, and erode our American society, what is there to fight for? What will drive anyone to protect what they don’t understand?

The real enemy is our own capacity to forget where we came from and that we are all AMERICANS.

America... What do we stand for anymore? When our schools teach liberal drivel centered on Secular Humanisim and Internationalism (and call it Multicultural Tolerance!). We currently have people willing to DIE for our freedom... But do we appreciate it? Do we know what it is about? Do we remember the FACT that this country was founded by a group of Puritans escaping persecution in the Europe that THE LIBERALS THINK WE SHOULD COW TOW TOO????

We are Americans. We used to be proud of this country. Of what we stood for. Of the melting pot of this society. What happened that now we blame the Democrats, or the Republicans? It is not one parties fault or another parties fault, it is our own apathy. We have brought this on ourselves by letting the foxes watch the hen house while they fill the young minds of this country with garbage. No single party, no single human, has gotten us where we are today. Stop blamestorming and look in the mirror... Go, be with your children. Teach them the proper history of this country. Show them the truth, for it will set you free. Teach them about right and wrong, based on the same thing that the founding fathers based this great country on.

"When values are clear, laws are unnecessary. When values are not clear, laws are unenforceable." -- Goethe.

If you Don't stand for something, you will fall for anything!

-End of Ramble

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