Friday, April 28, 2006

Sick and tired of stupidity...

... On capital hill.

The Republicans have proposed a $100 rebate to help offset the cost of gas + drilling in ANWR.

The Democrats expect to propose some type of rebate + a temporary removal of federal gas taxes.

Then, there is talk of Windfall profit taxes on Big Oil.
Now the President wants to force the car manufacturers to up their EPA averages.

So, looking at each one...
  1. Federal Gas taxes are on average 50 cents per gallon. Removal of those taxes would help your average American quite a bit. But if you are going to remove them, remove them, don't do it temporarily!
  2. A rebate would be interesting, but $100 bucks is what it costs will affect you for 2 weeks max. Interesting, but not much help.
  3. A tax on windfall profits for Big Oil. OH MAN! Who does that help? The Government. Who does that hurt? The Consumer (Do you REALLY think that corporations pay taxes? Really? No, You do. It's just passed on.)
  4. Drilling in ANWR... Good. Go for it. We still need more refineries.
  5. EPA average increases... Okay, so this is a good idea, but 'forcing' them? What does that do? The market will drive this. Look around you at the cars on the road right now. People are downsizing. Look at the number of gas guzzlers at your average car lot...
  • What do we really need? How about getting government out of it all together? How about no taxes? How about the Fair Tax? That's a good start.
  • Drilling in ANWR, getting the Environmental Terrorists out of the way... Another great idea.
  • Better Gas Mileage cars? Already happening.

Our Government does not get it. They can't because they are so drunk on power and so corrupt that they only react to polls. They don't care about us, the American People. Perhaps it is time for our own revolution. Perhaps we need to vote some people in this November that have NO political background. Now there is a thought... Restructure the government in one swoop. Get people in who care about what happens to Americans, not what polls say.

When are WE... THE AMERICAN PEOPLE... Going to WAKE UP!?!?!?

-End of Ramble (Mad as hell and yelling to wake everyone up)

UPDATE: President Push says "No" to taxing Oil Windfall Profits. Good!

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