Thursday, April 06, 2006

Immigration Reform or Government Reform

I love how we continue to get buried in the quagmire of discussing the intricate details of an issue while skirting the real problem.

Case in Point... Immigration Reform.

Here we have a problem that everyone is blowing up. The proposed new laws have been called everything from amnesty to Racism. The real problem is not the laws we have in place today... It's the horrible inefficiency of the INS and the Homeland Security Debacle.. er... Department. It continues to prove that the government cannot effectively manage anything. Make it simple to come here, live here, work here and all this problem goes away. In today's world where you can use the internet to do a background check on someone in 1/2 hour why does it take months for someone to get into this country?

Ask yourself this question... "Why do we have 11 million illegal aliens in this country right now?"

My answers:
  1. Americans don't want the "Low Paying" jobs
  2. America is truly a land of opportunity where people who work hard can do well
Now, are we, as a people, willing to change and take the "low paying" jobs? Are we willing to work hard?

-End of Ramble

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