Thursday, October 08, 2009

So... should we run against Alan Grayson?

So... Lucid and I are talking about mounting a campaign...

What do you think?


(1) Fair Tax
(2) No Single Payer Health Care -- Health Care transparency and competition across state borders.
(3) America is a Melting Pot, but that is what makes it unique... and why we are all Americans
(4) Make sure our borders are secure
(5) Provide for defense.

Let us know...

-- End Of Ramble.


Beth said...

I say GO FOR IT!

Lucid Guy said...

Some additional planks in my platform would include: (1) 8 Then Vacate [Congressional Term Limits] (2) Posting bills online for a minimum of 72 hours before Congressional votes (3) Indexing Congressional salaries to their repective constituents annual income (4) Telling the rest of the world to get over themselves and be thankful that we are a benevolent super-power

Beth said...

I especially like #4, it's about time someone says that!

Oklahoma City Divorce Attorney said...

Go for it!