Monday, October 26, 2009

Press 1 For English - Really?

Whenever I call a service provider (power company, phone company, bank, cable) and get the usual automated call router, "Please listen carefully as our options have changed..." - "Press 1 for English", I get rather crazed.

This is the United States and we speak English (American actually), but English nonetheless. If you want to press a number for Spanish, or Haitian Creole, or French - great, but please assume we can speak English unless we opt out for something else.

The amount of wasted resources, time, and productivity in this country due to people not bothering to learn the language is infuriating. Why people come to the U.S. and then try to force their culture and language on us is confusing.

It is a matter of safety and national security that our population reads and understands one language. It is not possible to have all signs in multiple languages. It is problematic for people to not be able to read Hospital, Danger, Stop, Yield, Fire, Rail Road Crossing, Police, Keep Left, Food Stamp Line, or Vote Conservative.

Please, for God sake - and ours - English first (or maybe only).

##That's my opinion##

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Oklahoma City Divorce Attorney said...

LG I agree with you 100%. This is our land and English is our language.