Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Hair Cut or a Life Lesson

It's difficult to believe that it has been a year since I stopped making my monthly visits to get my hair cut. Grady had been cutting my hair for over 20 years and had become a fixture in my life and part of a regular routine - a constant in an ever changing world. Our conversations often turned to current events, politics, work ethics, work place gossip, and any other topics that presented themselves. The most curious and enjoyable aspect of our conversations was that they would pick up as if we spoke every day rather than for a half an hour every 4 weeks.

Grady was one person with whom I could discuss any topic and rest assured that I would not be judged on my opinion or held in a poor light based upon my position. It was true and honest discussion. The last words Grady spoke to me were the last words he said to me after every visit, " be good".

I thought this appropriate for this blog since our conversations often center around politics and current events and I could certainly use a dose of Grady's counsel right now. I believe that many people today have lost either the ability to have a rational conversation, the desire to be part of the solution, or the intelligence to think for themselves. Here's hoping for change.

##That's my opinion##


Beth said...

This is my take on what our society has become, and that is a nation of children. We don't want to take responsibility for ourselves anymore, we vote for whom we think will do the things we want, and when our guy wins we blindly follow him, to the point where we make irrational arguments to try to prove our guy is "right".

Ordinary Guy said...

I too often ponder the loss to our world when Grady left us. You introduced me to the man and I remember the "you be good" comment every time I left.

He provided insight many times without filters. It always was a breath of fresh air when talking to him. He was of a generation that believed that they were responsible for their own and had a heart to help others. He didn't expect a hand out and worked for everything he had. Many people could take life lessons from Grady.

Beth said...

Seems like big shoes to fill, but you guys seem very much like Grady, and that he made a impression on you, now you can do the same.

Lucid Guy said...

Thanks for you kind comments Beth.

Selfish entitlement and blame someone else first is killing our country.

I'm buying a bunch of tea bags to throw around on April 15th just to make people think - if they still can.

BB-Idaho said...

Darn, missed out on all that. When haircuts went over $2.50, started cutting my own. :)