Monday, April 20, 2009

1000 Words

You know what they say about a picture...
Is it possible that the American President didn't know who he was greeting? Is it possible that the President of the United States is not aware of the pure contempt that Hugo Chavez has for all Americans?
Hugo Chavez is a brutal dictator and should not be shown any respect from a sitting US President, much less given the opportunity to personally hand him an unscreened object.
##That's my opinion##


Beth said...

Though not surprising since Obama has been in unchartered territory since taking the office of POTUS.

Pragmatic Guy said...

How many dictators do you know *fail* to win a referendum? I'm not condoning or supporting the guy, but he is running a democratic country.

How many diplomats do you know *fail* to return a handshake? As much as it pains people to watch that picture, the guy has a job to do, and sometimes it means smiling at dictators and murderers. Protocol has been refined over centuries, and Obama would be loathe to breach it.

Oklahoma City Divorce Attorney said...

I agree - Hugo does not deserve our respect.