Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Christian Nation

Mr. President, you're wrong and you do not speak for me!

Obama should be censured by the Senate and then not allowed to leave the country again.

##That's my opinion##


Amy said...

I don't believe it says anywhere "one nation under citizens"!!!

Lucid Guy said...

Thanks for speaking out Amy. You are correct. The silent majority better start speaking up or we may find that we have no country left to speak about.

Pragmatic Guy said...

The *new* silent majority does not believe America is a Christian nation, thank you very much. Obama speaks on behalf of the majority now, instead of the wealthy few who think they can plunder the country forever. Besides, I would be surprised if the folks who are plundering America are God-loving Bible-beating Christians! Their sense of morals is lower than what is deemed acceptable even in religious circles.

May I point out that "Under God" is often omitted by the new silent majority? And that "God" does not necessarily imply "YHWH", but also "Allah", "Baal", "Zeus", "Gaia", "Flying Spaghetti Monster", "Invisible Pink Unicorn" and all the other divinities that have been invented since the beginning of time? It gives the Oath an entirely different dimension.

Oklahoma City Divorce Attorney said...

We are a Christian Nation and I am offended that the President would make such a statement.