Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Economics 101 - Revisited

If you don't think Senator Obama has plans to raise your taxes, consider the annual revenue of the company where you work. If it makes more than $250,000 per year, then its taxes are going up under an Obama presidency. Now when the cost of doing business (expenses) goes up, corporations must cut back in order to maintain profit margins. What is the most expensive cost to most corporations? Answer, labor (you).
Regardless of what you may hear, corporations don't pay taxes - they pass them on to the consumer. So, if Obama manages to increase taxes on the evil corporations that send jobs overseas, then most certainly corporations will respond by finding more favorable labor environments to setup shop.
You do the math...

##That's my opinion##


Beth said...

Very simple economics.

Kris said...

why don't people get this? if you bite the hand that feeds you, they will go away.


Ordinary Guy said...

Why the American people don't get this is striking to me. Thank you for making the simple example.