Friday, September 26, 2008

A Conversation

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend about McCain / Palin vs. Obama / Biden. I have modified the conversation to remove names as well as places and also shortened it up a bit. I believe everything I say in here. I even left some of my own contridictions in there (which I noticed when I re-read and edited it) and all misspellings / bad grammer / etc. Read for the message, not the format and let me know what you think.

friend: with the fannie/freddie thing, your socialism concerns are already becoming real
me: I know. should let capitalism go.
friend: and palin made some comment about how they are going to make freddie/fannie better, smaller, more effective, etc
friend: there's that small goverment mucking in things it shouldn't
friend: wait.. big gov't is supposed to do that.
me: I tend to lean more libertarian than anything... however when push comes to shove I can't go with anyone who is talking about more taxation and more spending (robin hood mentality)
me: I believe in capitalism... unfettered. I believe that the governemnt IS the problem. not the solution.
friend: well our current administration and congress (over the majority of the 8 years) has got us into the jam we are in... republication core values thrown to the wind
me: We have become a country of blamers, whiners... looking for handouts. I cannot support anyone who supports that.
me: I agree completly.
me: And they hear from me OFTEN.
friend: palin is a hearbeat away from the Pres spot if they won.... and McCain isn't exactly someone who just got his AARP card
me: I believe in the fact that we are NOT a democracy, but a republic.
me: That does not scare me. I would vote for her alone.
me: I like her.
friend: for real?
me: she is unencombered with washington politics.
friend: what is good about her?
me: Yes. for real.
friend: hmm
me: She believes and pratices less government.
friend: doesn't want polar bears on the endangered species list, so big oil and drill drill drill
me: I believe in the pickens plan. and 1BOG (I am a member)
friend: her state gets more fed money per cap than any other state.. PLUS they give money in surplus from oil to each citizen of the state
me: but in the meantime we need to drill to get off the fact that we are financing the terrorists.
me: You know how the free market works. The price of oil is set by the commodities market. If they make money and give it to the people, what is wrong with that?
friend: we won't see anything useful from that drilling for 10 years
me: Not so.
me: We won't see anything useful from anything unless we build a refinery.
friend: refineries are almost at max capacity.. more of them need to be built as well
me: That is the truth. but everyone is picking on drilling.
me: We need to drill... and keep the oil at home. and build refineries... and windmills... and look at CNG
me: and the next new tech.
me: Solar output increased.
me: All those things.
me: Both sides are saying the same thing in this area.
me: The big difference is in tax and spend politics.
friend: oh, I love the fact that they have all that surplus money.. but I guess because she blieves that man has nothing to do with global warming, that she will do nothing to help the native alaskan villiages who are about to fall into the ocean
friend: yet was willing to give pay outs of goverment money to anyone who could prove they killed wolves, and so forth
me: There is no scientific proof that man has influcenced global warming.
friend: wow
me: Granted... we aren't helping... and have been acting like really bad stewards... but there is no CONCRETE evidence. There are only Theories.
friend: but you said enough right there... we arne't helping
friend: sure the earth could be in some natural cycle... but we certainly are helping it move in one direction quicker
friend: her enviromental record would make bush blush
me: True. And I think everyone (the american people... those who are members of this republic... the "WE THE PEOPLE") are starting to wake up and do something about it.
me: WTF can any president do about that? or VP? It is US that has to solve that problem. WE have to do it.
me: We have to admit that we are the problem. Until that happens all you can do is legislate... which makes things more expensive and people who have money will find ways around it. It won't fix it.
me: The problem is staring us in the face when we look int he mirror... :D
friend: but if they are not in support of inititives to clean up the air, enviroment, etc. then it just keeps on going downhill
friend: yes, and if you have a leader that won't admit we are the problem, than that wont' help either
me: The LOCAL governments have to do it. Not the Federal government.
me: Come on... they are talking heads who listen to polls. WE can make them do whatever we want.
me: But if they tax us into oblivion we will be to numb... to zombified... to make a difference. Start small... Sphere of influence.
me: Fight back... don't be a Sheeple
me: Don't believe the rhetoric... Put somone in office WE can sway.
friend: she marches at a different drum beat
me: She will get slammed down by the system... but will fight it. This gives US a chance to make a difference. If we buy into tax and spend... gimme gimme ... blamestorming government... we are dead.
me: To be clear. I don't really care for either... and was on the fence... but the idea of a REAL outsider coming in and shaking things up... of distracting the system... of the 'monkey wrench'... come on... can't resist that one.
me: Viva la revolution!
me: (Not what you were expecting, eh?)
friend: the girl thinks we are in iraq because god wants us to be there, and we have yet to finish our mission.
me: are reading from a speech she gave at a church. what do you think she would say. I can take things out of context too... like Obama said yesterday "My Muslim Religion".
friend: If this is how she makes her decisions... our troops could continue to march around the world for a lot longer
friend: well I didn't read it.. I watched it
me: Nope. They are coming home... in 2010... It has to be.
friend: so in seeing the whole thing, it didn't seem out of context
me: It was IN context... at a Church... she was appealing to the Pentacostal Church.
me: What about William Heirs? (sp)? Jeremiah Write?
me: What about the fact that Obama has never, ever run anything... other then for President :D
me: What about the fact that he calls Iran a small country?
me: What about the fact that he says middle americans are just clinging to their guns and religion?
me: What about Michelle saying that she is only just NOW proud of her country?
me: What about the proposed 1TRILLION (that a 'T') in new taxes?
friend: well the michelle thing pisses me off too.. with her getting her cushy hospital job
me: What about the fact that off teleprompter Obman is all UM and AH and can't seem to get a coherent thought out?
me: Sorry about the spelling... typing fast.
friend: a for the taxes.. none of us like them... but we sure as hell gotta find a way to dig ourselves out of our debt
me: If you get deep in debt do you come to (work) and say I need more money?
me: No... you adjust your spending.
friend: with unbalanced budgets, and unending spending, bailouts, and so forth, it's just a slippery sloap
me: THAT is what the government needs to do. And WE the people need to help them understand it.
friend: sure, that is what they need to do
me: Don't propose going to the well to fix a problem they got us into... Fix it.
friend: but has anyone demonstrated the ability to do that recently? unfortunately no
me: The republicans are under a serious attack from the base as well because they have failed at fiscal responsibility.
friend: so, the spending needs to be SERIOUSLY cut
friend:, would mean small goverment, which would be great
friend: but.. hmm... how likely will that be? i'm not so sure
friend: nice dream though
me: The scary part is that someone is PROPOSING raising taxes and spending more... and everyone goes... great! I love it.! Sir, can I have another.
me: Not a dream... we are a Republic... WE can do it. We the People. We have to get involved.
me: And the Government needs a shakeup.
friend: I know that very well sir
me: As Mitt Romeny said... "Washington is Broken"
me: BTW.... He was who I was supporting...
me: Not much better, but at least he has run some things.
friend: well I loved the fact (really did) that at the RNC they talked about how screwed up washington is... whichi is really a result of 8 years of republicans in control
friend: so... while people might have liked to think it was a swipe at the democrates... it was at themselves
me: YES... it is... and John McCain has been outspoken about it for the past 8 years. Look at when he ran against Bush.
friend: yeah, Mitt dropped out too early IMO
friend: Oh I know... but the republican party seems to be at a loss on how to do this damage control
me: Remember... when you point one finger... 3 more are pointing back at ya :D
friend: somehow they've got to get back to their core values... but it's goiing to be a very long bumpy road
me: Here is what I would like to see...
friend: and a long road of getting everyone's trust back
me: Dem's in Congress, Rep in White house.... Like Reagan.
me: When they HAD to work together.
me: And We get to set ourselves up for prosperty.
me: Clinton lived through what WE did and took credit for it.
me: We did it during the 80's. Unfetter optimisim was back.
me: no gimme gimme.
me: We need that back. We can do great things when we are let loose and free.
friend: I'll make my decision once it gets closer and they've all had a chance to debate things longer
me: I agree with the debates being important.
-End of Ramble


Beth said...

I've had convsersations similar to this, did you pull all your hair out?

Lucid Guy said...

OMG - I would have had to take a poke at "friend". I really wish people could recognize the difference in being a good steward of the environment and the myth of global warming. And anytime we want to discuss the level of experience between McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden, let's chat.

Ordinary, you made some good points. Smaller government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, and let the free markets work.

I just hope Obama keeps talking, because the more we hear from him the less American will be inclined to elect him President.