Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Capitalism... Let it ride.

I am incensed. Why is the government continuing to use my money to bail out organizations that were mismanaged? What gives them the right?

Freddie Mac -- FAIL!
Fanny Mae -- FAIL!
Lehman Brothers -- FAIL!

Let them Fail. Really.

Mother Finance has decided to come around and smack them upside their head because those in charge were either too greedy or too stupid to realize what they were doing was wrong. So let capitalism work. Let them fail. There is no reason for the government to get involved... that's how things get screwed up. People will loose their jobs... great! Time for a refresh! They will take their talent and if they are good they will easily get another job. People may loose money they have invested. Sorry... you should have been paying more attention ahead of time... and have diversified your portfolio.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger. But if we put a band aid over it it just weakens others. Somebody else will come in and do it better. So what if these are 'old' corporations. Capitalism is about change. Time for a refresh.

-End of Ramble


Kris said...

i agree...but it is a scary environment. someone at my husbands office, one of the major financial institutions, said it was financial terrorism. me allow short sellers, through hedge funds thus anyone (other countries) to drive storck prices of these BIG financial companies down, thus our whole financial system. it may be more then just letting capitalism do its thing

Ordinary Guy said...

That is entirely possible given that in our mass consumption we have allowed external entities (read: China) to hold more of our debt and cash than anything else (so they have us by the short hairs) however this is a problem that "We the People" have created.

Now we need to fix it. But the Government cannot be the panacea for everything. They are far from the great fixer.

Kris said...

again, i agree...they tend to mess up more then they fix.

goldman beat numbers today and they are still down....this is big, and the average joe does not know it yet

Kris said...

i did the same for you...you are rolled

Ordinary Guy said...

Hmmm... That is interesting about Goldman... Have to keep an eye on this. I hope it is a 'correction' and not financial terrorism...

Beth said...

I'm not sure it matters how the failings came about, whether done by international terrorists or just bad management, the outcome is the same and using tax dollars to solve problems is never a good solution.