Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Tax Man Cometh

Paying your taxes - the American Dream. Wasn't that fun? The best part about paying your taxes is knowing that the government is spending the money wisely and that everyone is paying their fair share. Right? I almost typed that without busting out laughing. So I have a question for you, how much tax did you pay last year? If you said, "nothing, I got money back", then you are the truly misguided and misinformed constituent that our government is hoping for. The government has a marvelous plan of getting your money before you even see it. Then, the IRS makes you feel good when they provide you with a refund - of course that was your money that they took too much of in the first place.

It's time we stop worrying about who's paying what and if you can take advantage of a tax shelter or a loop hole. It's time we adopt the Fair Tax and move into a more fiscally responsible tax collection mode.

The Fair Tax is the best way to protect lower income Americans from heavy tax burdens and at the same time obtain more tax from more wealthy individuals. Take the time to become educated on the Fair Tax and then tell your Senators to get on board too.

It's time we shift the power back to the people.

##That's my opinion##

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