Thursday, April 17, 2008

Explain this Yale...

My first comment is what is this individual thinking?

My second comment is why is she not seeking mental health counseling?

My third comment is will Yale let her pass and graduate?

This is the most egregious, disgusting example of what is wrong with the American educational system today.

Please check it out... and react in the comments.

Link is Here

Another one is Here

Yale, please redeem yourself.

-End of Ramble

*** UPDATE ***

Looks like Yale is not going to allow the "art" exhibit to be displayed. Link is here

Could it be that there is some decency left at that institution?


Beth said...

Sterilization would seem appropriate here, can we do that?

Ordinary Guy said...

More than sterilization... I think she should be tried as a serial killer. Abortion is bad enough after it is a 'mistake'... but this woman willfully planned this.

Amy said...

Oh someone else actually saw this story. I found it thoroughly disgusting. She should be declared insane. That's not an art project! Assuming she actually did these things (some are saying she made it up) she should be tried for murder or just locked up as a favor to society. What's worse is that Yale still seems to be allowing her trash to be shown along with other students' work. Yale's clearly gone down the tubes- first terrorists and now this.

Lucid Guy said...

No, there is no decency left at Yale. Even if they have come to their senses, they did not immediatley reprimand and expell the "art student" when she claimed the story was true. If she actually did these things then she needs years of mental hospitalization. If she didn't do these things and thought it cute to fabricate the entire story, that's even worse. She should not be allowed to graduate and the court of public opinion should haunt her for the rest of her worthless life.