Thursday, April 03, 2008

Environmental report out... interesting statistics

I need to go on record to say that I believe that we should all be good stewards of the Earth and that it is our God given responsibility to take care of his earth. At the same time the thought that the US is the great evil that is solely responsible for any sort of rise in CO2 gas is just stupid. Over at the Political Nightmare there is a great article talking about several reports around the percentage increase or reduction in CO2 production.

Check out the stats:

From 1990 through 2004, UN figures show increases in Green House Gas emissions as follows:

United States: 13.3%
Canada: 24.2%
Spain: 44.7%
Portugal: 36.7%
Ireland: 25.6%
Greece: 25.8%
Finland: 21.5%
Austria: 16.5%

Who is the lowest on the list? Where is the socialist French? Go check out the article to read more. Join the forums at Political Nightmare to get in the game on the discussion.

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Lucid Guy said...

Good point. Rising temperatures corelate much more closely to solar activity than to CO2 concentrations. And besides, there are many indications that some of the most prosperous times on Earth were during time of high temperature and high CO2. If man is such a contributor to CO2, then there should have been a tremendous spike world-wide in the late 1940's when we were involved in that little thing called WWII. Man burned more fossil fuels during that period than any other, but yet the CO2 levels trended normally. Anthropogenic sources are also negligible compared to natural sources. If you removed man all together the greenhouse gases would remain about the same. So, let's go ahead and destroy the world economy trying to stop something that we have no chance of affecting.

Ordinary Guy said...

... or just continue to make Al Gore rich by purchasing "Carbon Offsets" from HIS company.