Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where is the nation of Hezbol?

So, Syria stated that it would back and defend Hezbollah if necessary. Isn't Hezbollah just a rogue militia backed by Iran and sucking the life out of southern Lebanon? Where is the nation of Hezbol? This is not the Lebanese army and most probably does not contain many Lebanese. So why is the global community and the U.N. not pointing out that Syria has openly supported a group of armed thugs shooting rockets at another nation from land which is not their own? Since when does the world allow for an army to just drop into another nation and start shooting? Isn't this Hezbollah problem more simple than the world is treating it?

The Middle-East has plenty of problems, but Hezbollah in Lebanon should not be one of them. Hezbollah has no right in Lebanon (they were formed to get Israel out - Israel was gone) and they should be expelled by the rest of the world so that we can get on with the world's business.

##That's my opinion##

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