Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Tax Shell Game

Wake up people! It's past time for us to pass HR 25 - The Fair Tax.

Congress continues to play shell games with our money and neither Reps or Dems show any sign of being able to reduce earmarks. Remember the proposed $100 gas rebate? One of the ways suggested to offset or pay for the rebate was to repeal the LIFO (last in first out) method of accounting (,2933,202232,00.html). Now I'm not an accountant, but I know enough about accounting principles to know that changing an accounting method doesn't "pay" for anything. It only shifts the fiscal reporting from one time period to another. I'm tired of Congress having the power to play these kinds of games while they are sitting in Washington fat, rich, and happy.

Get mad about it! Tell a friend about it! Tell your Congressman about it!

If you don't have your copy of The Fair Tax book, it's less than 9 bucks on Amazon. Buy several and spread them around.

##That's my opinion##

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