Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Government silliness knows no bounds

Okay, On the record, I am not anti-gay. I am, however, against the gay agenda pushing community.

Yesterday the Orange County, Florida, government approved that you cannot discriminate against anyone for housing who is Homosexual. If you look at this site ( you will see that there was a coordinated effort by the homosexual community to push this agenda. Now, was this REALLY a problem? Was there a large amount of discrimination against this group that it now becomes a crime?

Also, why do we insist on telling a landlord WHO they can rent to or not? Why is this the governments business? What really bothers me is that this particular group will profess (as I do) that what happens in my home is my business, not anyone else's, yet they go and get the government involved in everything to push their own agenda. How two faced is that?

I find this decision disturbing in two ways:

1) A complete and total waste of government time, and
2) Continuing to restrict the freedoms our the people.

-End of Ramble

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