Friday, May 26, 2006

News of the day -- 26 May 2006

Okay... Several things to comment on...

First: The Senate wants to give Amenesty to Illegals... Great! Yea! WRONG! What is going on with our politicians? Why do they feel the need to bypass our laws at every turn? From hitting cops to letting illegals in the country free and clear. We are on a spiral of decline that only WE THE PEOPLE (where have I heard those words before?) can fix. Time to change up the Government.

Second: I heard today that Florida just approved thier new budget... addtional 1.8 Billion (Yes Billion) dollars for Education. That comes out to a total of $7,000 PER STUDENT that is now being spent for public education. Simple math... Class size of 30, that $210,000 per classrom. Assume that the teacher gets $80k after benefits, taxes, and overhead (Principle, etc.) ... that leaves $130,000 for what? Supplies? Books? Does anyone else see something wrong here?

-End of Ramble.

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