Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day and other Ramblings...

Thank you to all of our Vets. Do I need to say any more than that? Is there any more I can say?

Thank you for the freedom you have given me to post this blog. Thank you to all of those who have laid down their lives for all Americans.

Last night CBS was showing "We Were Soldiers...". I have had the profiled and honor to meet General Hal Moore (Ret.) his wife Julie, and Joe Galloway. I have read the book (We Were Soldiers Once... And Young) and have seen the movie a couple of times. The most moving section of the book and the movie (which you cannot get a true feel for in the movie, only a taste) is the very end, when Mel Gibson is standing in front of the wall... and at the end of the book with stories of / from several of the family members who survive Gen. Moore's fallen Troopers.

When Gen. Moore states that "he can never forgive himself... Because he did not die and his troopers did." I truly, honestly believe that is the way he feels. This is a man of incredible courage, impeccable honor, and in every way a true hero (although he, in his modesty, will tell you it his men who are the true hero's.) Gen. Moore is a man who inspires men. A leader who does not ask to be followed, but men follow because he is who he is... True blue, real, modest.

If the world had more men like Gen. Moore and Joe Galloway there would be less war, not more, for they know the true cost of war, one of which I can only speculate.

Please remember that no matter what you believe in your heart about the reasons for war or politics... These BRAVE men and women, who have served and continue to serve in our armed forces... they are standing watch for our freedoms. They deserve your thanks whenever you see them.

Thank you again from one rambling ordinary guy.

-End of Ramble.

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