Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas wins in Palestine ... and now for the religious wars

Hamas has won in Palestine... Why? Is it because the Palestinian people have a deep seeded hatred for the Israelis? I think not. Could it be that they are just sick and tired of the corruption from the Fatah? More likely.

Yea Yea Yea... This has been covered all over the place, but here is the point I want to make...

Back to the War on Christianity (not Christmas)... Does it not seem as if there is a global hatred for any religion? Where is this coming from? Is it real, or is it just our Media here reporting it this way? Hannity is even spinning this as we are going to have to protect our ally Isreal from the Hamas threat. Okay, so I agree with the ally protection and to his point Hamas has said on more than one occasion that Israel should be wiped out (as does the Iranian Islamo-Fascist President) but is this about religion, or nations, or something else?

Religion is something that permeates your life. You cannot escape it. You cannot segregate it and say "I won't talk about my religion in school because the state says I can't". It's not possible. It is part of you and part of your life... It defines you.

This is the point that is being missed by many, especially those that are not religious. And it seems that it is those that do not have a religious background that find it easy to remove it from the public square. It is those same people who don't understand the hatred that exists between Muslims and Jews.

This is the point that is missed. Religion cannot be segmented when you walk in one door and out another. That is why those who don't have it will not ever understand the "War on Christmas", the War on Christianity, or what is happening in the middle east...

-End of Ramble

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