Wednesday, January 25, 2006

From Boortz's site

A great site for Fair Tax:


Luke said...

I'm reading Boortz and Linder's Fair Tax book now, and really enjoying it. I am also simultaneously reading Steve Forbes' "Flat Tax Revolution" which if you haven't read it I recommend as well. I'm still undecided as to which tax reform I prefer, but I know we need tax reform.

Like your blog by the way (followed the link from The Fuselage.)

Ordinary Guy said...

Thanx for the comments necrite98. I've looked at the Flat Tax from Forbes and I think the Flat Tax is a better way to go. Interested to know what you think after you get done reading both.

Luke said...

Well, having not finished them, I can already tell that I like the flat tax much better. I work as a tax accountant and the flat tax seems to make much more sense and the execution seems much easier.

I'll check back when I've finished the books though.