Monday, December 08, 2008

Will We Let Big Auto Fail?

No, we will not let big Auto fail.

It is actually not possible for us to let big Auto fail, because big Auto has already failed. We are not talking about avoiding a potential car crash. The car has already left the road and gone over the edge of the cliff. We are now talking about how the emergency services will respond.

So give me a break about how much money each of the big 3 require to continue working. HELLO - you've had decades to adjust your business model to the changing customer requests, gasoline prices, and environmental mandates. You are the ones that killed the electric car and refused to make enough vehicles that get better 22 miles to the gallon. You, the big 3 Auto, have charted your own course and made your own problem - deal with it.

Our capitalistic economy and legal framework allows for businesses to file for protection from creditors (chapter 11) and reorganize their business. This is exactly what the automobile makers should do rather than look to the American people to bail them out. It's rather ironic that since we, the consumers, chose not to buy American made cars, that we are now being forced to give them our money anyway. What level of crazy do you have to be to think that this makes any sense?

I currently work in a small family owned business which recently had to ask it's employees to work reduced hours in order to get through a tough financial time. Thankfully, the accounts receivable picked up and we are now back to full speed. Should this condition happen again, when will our company get it's tax payer funded bailout?

It is economic Darwinism. Big Auto has already failed and it's time to see what's next. You know, it's not absolutely necessary that there be any cars made in America. Thanks United Auto Workers Union - marvel at the creation you have made.

##That's my opinion##


Kris said...

i feel we are in a no win situation. we don't bail them out...major economy factor...we do bail them out .... farther down the road to socialism.

the unions were started for good, but now is the downfall of this industry.


Lucid Guy said...

Well said Kris. The Unions did once provide a valuable and needed service for the employees. Now they only raise the cost of living for everyone.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

The Unions never did anything that an individual worker couldn't have done on their own let us not forget that. It wasn't Union labor that built this country from the ground up, it was individual labor.

They weren't a good idea then and they aren't a good idea now.

Because to assert that they were a good idea then is to go down that road of "Good in theory but not in practice" am I right?? If it cannot be good in practice then pray tell how it can then be good in theory??

Lucid Guy said...

Soapbox, just to be clear, I think all Unions should be abolished. They only protect the lazy and unskilled. However, I do think there was a time when employees in certain industries were exploited and I believe Unions may have helped then, but that time is definitely passed.

Leftie said...

Abolish the unions!

Oklahoma City Divorce Attorney said...

The big 3 were arrogant. They subscribed to the 'too big to fail philosphy' and well guess what, they failed.