Tuesday, November 25, 2008

President Elect Obama -- A fix for the economy

Both Lucid and I have blogged on this extensively Mr. Obama, and it cannot be foreign to you at all. It's called 'The Fair Tax".

If you are serious, and I mean really serious about putting America back on the right economic road and get us back on track check it out: Fairtax.org.

2.5 Million jobs? Easy with the Fair Tax
Economic Stimulus? Easy with the Fair Tax
Save Social Security? Easy with the Fair Tax

What are you waiting for? You told us you were about Change.

-End of Ramble


Lucid Guy said...

This is true change. It's not about being Democrat or Republican. It's not about being left or right. It's about fundamental CHANGE in the way our country and our government collects its revenue. It positions the USA as the preeminent economic force on the planet and almost completely elimates the waste associated with tax compliance.

Mr. Obama, I did not vote for you, but you will be my President. Put America first by putting the Fair Tax first on your agenda. It is the economic boost that our country needs.

Kris said...

i am with you on this, one percentage across the board.

but obama will not consider this. the wealthier should pay more - even though they would be with the fair tax (10% of 1,000,000 is more than 10% of 10,000) but he will spin it to where they(the rich) are still not paying their share


BB-Idaho said...

Obama will not establish a flat tax. You will have to wait for Steve Forbes or Mike Huckabee..:)

BB-Idaho said...

Bit ironic, all the socialist countries have gone, or are considering the flat tax route.......

Oklahoma City Divorce Attorney said...

I agree with you, the solution is not rocket science.