Monday, October 06, 2008

John - It's About the Economy

Senator McCain, if Barack wants to turn this election on the economy, take the fight to him.
  1. Barack is going to raise taxes on EVERYONE - not just those making over $250,000
  2. Higher taxes will send us straight through recession into depression
  3. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are significantly responsible for the current mortgage mess
  4. Health care for everyone is a marvelous idea - who's going to pay for it?
  5. Who generates the most jobs in America? Small Business. Who's going to get hit the hardest with increased taxes? Small Business. Who's going fire all of the low wage earning workers and increase unemployment? Small Business. Who's never run a business in his life? Barack Obama.
  6. What's the worst thing you can do in a struggling economy? Raise Taxes.
  7. When Barack says your $5,000 medical plan tax credit will be taxed, say yeah, it will. However, most Americans taking the $5,000 taxable plan are either not paying taxes at all or paying at 15 percent. So $0 - $750 is not bad for a $5,000 medical plan.

You can't give people who don't pay taxes a tax break - that's called welfare, income redistribution, and Socialism.

Swing John swing. Get mad and let the American people know that they are being lead down a path of dishonesty and manipulation in the name of diversity.

Big government BAD. Higher taxes BAD. Barack Obama BAD.

##That's my opinion##


Ordinary Guy said...

Another great post my friend. To tag on about health care:

1. Is it a right? Barak Obama said it is. If so then given by whom? By God? Not according to my Bible. By the government? Not according to the constitution or the founding fathers.
2. Face this fact: health care is a business and all the developments around advanced health care ( such as the cancer care for your mother Mr. Obama) are created to make money. If that impetus is taken away then there will not be any further development in this area unless it is funded by the government.

Go with the plan from Mass.

Why is John McCain not hitting this harder?

-End of Ramble

Kris said...

i is about the economy and about how raising taxes, for anyone, will be disastrous...


Anonymous said...

OMG... the blanket statements... "raising taxes bad"... "voting for my candidate good"... "other candidate bad"...

Since when does one throw half-baked opinions on a wall and expect to get away with it?

We've had centuries of economic history to rely on, and we can base economic policies on the mountains of studies, analyses and experience that we have accumulated over time. Instead of spitting out nonsensical garbage, why don't you open a few history books, and study the phases capitalism when through since our friends the Dutch invented it back in the 17th century.

Laissez-faire has two side-effects, one being bubbles (which you've probably heard about if you are not watching Fox news) and the other, monopolies (which you've probably heard about if you eat the kids menu at McDonald's). It may suit you to learn how many million people were dispossessed, died or got to live in the streets thanks to the kind of economic policies that you advocate.

McCain will not live in the streets because he was born rich and has married rich. I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for that. You do, but that's because you are part of a well-bred elite that never had to work for a living. Most of us do, and most of us will vote for Obama, because he gives us a fighting chance against the monopolists. I'm not letting McCain sell my work, my job, my assets to the lowest foreign bidder. I am an American and what I produce is for my (American) benefit. Lowering taxes on the rich is a civilization setback, because it prevents working people (such as myself) from ever being able to compete with the lazy oligarchs that run the show for us. Let the rich pay for the military that protects mostly their assets, let the rich pay for the roads that their trucks use, let the rich pay for the judicial system that they manipulate -- let *me* keep my money and spend it to improve *my* lot, not theirs. I don't want a "handout", I don't want "charity" and I don't want "welfare" -- that's what the rich ask for (and get) in this Bush administration -- everything paved for their own purpose. What Obama promises is to return to us the promise of the Founding Fathers: the ability to embetter ourselves and live the American dream, with the balance of power back into the workers, innovators, entrepreneurs of our age. You do not know that, because you are not listening. You listen to Rush Limbaugh and other people in your congregation that refuse to admit the fact that McCain is a populist that couldn't care less about capitalism or socialism and that Palin is a control freak who has enough skeletons to fill a Super-Walmart size closet. Voting for these bozos is a pure abdication of reason, of dignity and of citizenship.

I have to work -- there is nobody else that can feed me. If you truly believe in America, you would not let McCain give my livelihood away to corruption and greed.

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Political tactics, nothing more.