Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A comparison of Canidates

Another election cycle and here we are ... voting for which one we think will do the most damage. Neither candidate is inspiring. Neither candidate is a Leader. So we are stuck looking at what they think they will do or can do for us. What a bunch of garbage. How depressing it is.

I long for the days of Reagan, where we were asked to be Americans... or JFK where we were asked not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Now we stand at the altar of the candidates and ask for hand outs. GIMMIE GIMMIE. Oh how depressing. Oh how far we have come from what our founding fathers wanted for us.

If we look at the candidates through the prism of which could do the least damage the choice is simple. If we look at the candidates through the prism of which will do the most for the country the choice is less simple. If we look at the candidates through the prism of which will really lead us there is no choice, they both are useless.

Barak Obama and the Democrats propose:

1. Single Payer Health care (The Federal Government runs it)
2. Allowing Unions to run rampant
3. More government spending
4. Rapid pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan
5. More contact with Arab nations and less with Israel
6. Tax rebates to those who do not pay taxes

John McCain and the Republicans propose:
1. Privatize Social Security
2. More of the same in Iraq
3. Health Care credits
4. Ongoing tax cuts
5. Spending cuts in government

Whom do you choose? Who will do less damage?

At what point to we stand up for revolution as we look towards the long term? When are we going to realize, as an American People, that we have given too much control of our lives to the Government?

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WE THE PEOPLE! That means you!

-End of Ramble


Anonymous said...

I'd like to share some information about the (apparently unknown) country called the United States of America, situated in the Northern Hemisphere somewhere between the island of Bermuda and the Hawaiian archipelago.

For the past hundred years, the governement of the United States of America has sponsored scientific research and financed massive technological undertakings which the free market would not have touched with a ten-foot pole. For example, the governement made possible a transcontinental railroad that opened the Western part of the country to colonization and trade. The government built an interstate highway system that reaches every corner of the country. The government built rockets that launch artifical satellites into orbit and even sent people to walk on Earth's only natural satellite. The government has set up a force which is referred to as "the military". For its size (it is apparently the most formidable coherent force ever put together in the history of mankind) there are surprisingly few incidents of dissent and misuse within the organization [its misuse for political expediency can be counteracted by voting for the people most likely *not* to misuse it]. The government also built the first electronic large-scale network, which I am currently using to post this message. The government developed nuclear power plants, from which we derive 20% of our electricity.

Also, the US's smaller administrative entities (the "States") finance universities, which stimulate a tremendous amount of innovation in the form of educated graduates. These graduates take the knowledge they acquired from the state institutions and proceed to create small companies that in turn increase productivity within the "free" marketplace.

I am still waiting for the free market to accomplish this. Once the free market sends people to the moon, defends countries, builds highways, railroads, airports and finances risky technological undertakings, I will question the rationale for having a government that has "too much control of our lives". In the mean time, I will go to the polls happily voting for whomever will work towards creating the next Internet, Space Shuttle or Interstate Highway System. In the USA, the "free market" should be grateful that its governement is doing so much to promote trade, innovation, safety and cohesiveness. The "free market" has much to benefit, and very little to lose, from a close collaboration with the government's elected officials, scholars, workers.

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