Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Whatever Doesn't Kill Mike Huckabee Makes Him Stronger

That's the quote from ABC's The Note and clearly indicates that what the press reports on the Primary race may not necessarily be the real opinion of the people. I am a Huckabee supporter based upon his position on the Fair Tax, Immigration, and Alternative Fuel sources - but I'm also a realist. Mike's chance's of achieving the Republican nomination are slim, but as long as he keeps getting back up off the mat, I'm sticking with him as my choice.

And speaking of nominations and choice, I've become even more aware of the inadequacies of our Presidential candidate selection process. Even after Super Tuesday, how many states have had an opportunity to voice their opinion? Exactly 32. Even before Super Tuesday when only 8 states had made their opinions known, many of the candidates had already made their decisions to either continue or to drop out of the race - like Rudy. How is that possible? If you live in any state that holds it's primary after Super Tuesday, what's the point in even going to the poll?

I believe that we should hold a national primary with all states voting on the same day. Why should anyone that does not live in Iowa or New Hampshire be swayed by their opinion? This should not be a popularity contest and we should accept "group think" as a legitimate selection criteria. It's difficult enough to get Americans to the polls without creating a bias from early primary states.

##That's my opinion##

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