Sunday, February 10, 2008

Illegal Immigration Is No Problem: "We all look alike" - Geraldo Rivera

I was unfortunate enough to catch some of Geraldo on Fox & Friends a couple of days ago. As usual, Geraldo was pontificating on illegal immigration as if it is really not against the law but rather some kind of American hatred of Mexicans. Geraldo, you have to give us a break on this mis-characterization of a seriously dangerous issue. It is illegal immigration - not immigration.

If you didn't follow the Fox & Friends link, Geraldo's main boast was that he had questioned then Republican candidate Mitt Romney on his stance on "immigration". He said that Mitt was using "anti-immigration rhetoric" to which Mitt responded that he always made it clear that he as talking about illegal immigration. Geraldo warned him that since "we all look alike" the Spanish community was not going to vote for him, but would instead vote for McCain. "All look alike", give me a break. It's not about looks or being Mexican Geraldo. It's about someone walking or swimming a nuclear weapon across the southern border. And Geraldo, it's not rhetroic when it's true. Your romantizing of Mexican social and economic conditions to explain away the breaking of federal law and placing our country at risk is rhetoric.

Michelle Malkin has posted some very insightful information on McCain's illegal immigration position, which Geraldo seems to prefer. She also describers Geraldo very effectively as "the ethnocentric cable TV host who can’t string a sentence about immigration together without drowning in emotional demagoguery". Well done Michelle.

Anyone elected to be President of the United States will have to take an oath that swears them to, amoung other things, protect the Republic from invasion and to uphold the rule of law. Both of these charges are being completely ignored by all branches of our government (both parties) concerning illegal immigration. It's time we wake up and do something about this extreme threat to our culture, our freedom, and our country before it's too late - and I pray we are not already too late.

I'm a devoted Fox News viewer and I would prefer that they allow Geraldo to find alternative employment.

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