Thursday, August 09, 2007

The World That Works -- The World That Doesn't Work

I'm not a hard core Newt supporter by any means, but he nails the "who's here illegally" problem pretty well.

I work in the Information Technology field and I know it's not that hard to collect, validate, track, modify, and report on 300 million unique and individual records. And, provide access to those unique records to hundreds of users in different geographical locations. It's actually pretty simple technology. So, why is it we can't get a record of who is in America legally and who is in America illegally? It's because our government does not have the desire to - you'll have to ask them why. By the way, there are about 300 million Americans - anybody want to buy a database program?

Debate Illegal Immigration all you want, pass whatever laws you want, but while that debate is going on, do all of America a favor and build a wall on the border. Legislation already exists to protect our borders, build a wall, and secure our nation.

It's the law, we know what to do, so build the wall already.

##That's my opinion##

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