Thursday, August 16, 2007

Could 4 Years of Hillary Help Conservatives?

Recent polls regarding the Democrat Presidential candidates indicate that Hillary still has the best chance of winning the Democrat nomination for 2008. However, polls regarding Hillary's positives and negatives show some interesting trends as well. According to Ron Fournier from AP , Hillary's negatives will provide little coattail room for fellow Dem's and may drive more Republicans to the polls.

It chills me to think that Hillary may have a shot at being the next President, but if it takes four years of Hillary to wake up our country to the horrors of socialized medicine and open borders, then it might just be the medicine we need.

##That's my opinion##


Beth said...

I have thought this way for a while, I don't think we need to fear her being the nominee and who can we put up there to beat her. I say let's put up the best damn conservative we can find because so many people will vote AGAINST Madame Hillary that we can get a true conservative back in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton has further extended her lead in the race for the 2008 Democratic 2008 Democratic nomination, amid fresh evidence that voters see her as more experienced and more competent - especially in the foreign policy field - than her closest rival, Barack Obama. A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll yesterday underlined what political pros here have long been saying. The first primary may still be more than five months away, but despite the excitement generated by the youthful Mr Obama among the party's liberal activist base, the nomination as matters stand is Ms Clinton's to lose.

Now we will see if Obama is really running for the presidency or for the VP slot as he either take bigger and more daring shots at Hillary or just works on trying to demonstrate his own viability as a candidate without attacking her more viciously.
It's up to us Republicans to get together and defeat this Monster.