Thursday, March 02, 2006

Video Shows Bush Warned Before Katrina Hit - Yahoo! News

Video Shows Bush Warned Before Katrina Hit - Yahoo! News

Okay people... So Bush knew. So they all thought it was going to be bad. I guess the only one who didn't think it was going to be bad was Mayor Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco.

My first thought on this when I contrast it with the Ports Debacle is:

"Do we live in a Monarchy?"

I mean are we expecting "King George" to solve all the problems for the serfs? Last I checked we lived in a Democratic Republic. What does that mean? That means that we are responsible for our own actions. If you stayed behind in New Orleans after all the warnings then that is your responsiblity. Granted, there were some who could not make it out for one reason or another. That is where thier fellow man should have come in to help them out... NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

It is the sychophants that live off the government that are looking to blame the government. Wake up call... This is the United States of America, a Free, Democratic Republic. We have no King.

-End of Ramble

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Lucid Guy said...

Katrina in New Orleans was a tragedy. It has opened our eyes to several things that need to be addressed at federal and local levels. It has also opened our eyes to just how corrupt and without morals the city of New Orleans has become. Now I'm sure that there are decent law abiding citizens in New Orleans, but the complete lack of respect for authority and human life in that city is disturbing. Let's save the port for commerce - everyting else needs careful consideration before rebuilding.