Sunday, February 26, 2006

I 'post' corrected.

In an earlier post I claimed that we should not support the 'take over' of our ports by the UAE... I now have had more time to research this issue and I feel I 'jumped the gun'.

Having the UAE manage ports in this country is NOT going to affect security. I have spoken to several individiuals, and have listened to many comments on talk radio, and have read way more than I care to talk about on the 'net...

What does it boil down to?

Security is not compromised. This is all a big play by the long shoreman's union because the UAE is typically anti-union. Nothing else.

This needs to go away... there are more important things in this country to worry about than the long shoreman's union and their desire to remain in power. This is a silly distraction. The reason the President was not consulted or made aware of this transaction is because it is a NON EVENT.

Let it go...

-End of Ramble

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Lucid Guy said...

While this event get's all the press, we currently have several ports in this country run by China. What's the difference?