Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obama Kills the space program... without space workers present

So I have been sitting on this for about a week or so, but I can no longer. Yesterday I see this post on Reuters about the space program and the loss of jobs with a prominent quote from Senator Bill Nelson:

"This NASA bill will push development of this new heavy-lift rocket with the goal to fly by 2016. Right off the bat, that would hire 2,000 of the space workers that otherwise would be losing their jobs," Nelson said.

He said another 2,000 workers would eventually be hired by firms developing space taxis and other commercial space services for NASA, under the proposal.

So he is now trying to be the hero. I have several friends who work for NASA (Not USA, which is the one most affected by the shutdown of the shuttle program) and now the shutdown of the Constellation program. As reported on this blog and in the Orlando Sentinel we see that Obama came to the Space Coast, stood in the room where the Apollo space craft were built which was recently converted to handle the Orion spacecraft and told how he believes the Orion should be used to carry people to space, but not on the Aries rocket series... effectively killing any future spacecraft development for NASA. This occurred on April 15th, 2010... the day after tax day.

What is so spectacular you might ask?

EVERY single KSC employee was TOLD TO STAY HOME WITH PAY! All the clapping, all the cheering, all those who 'approved'? Not one of them worked in the space program. Who else was in the Audience? Senator Bill Nelson. We have neutered our space program to such an extent that we now depend on 'private individuals' to push our program forward. If we had done that in the 60's we wouldn't have the space program, or Velcro, or Kevlar, or Vectran or... you get the picture. We have heard over and over again that we need more scientists, more engineers... where are they going to work? Who is going to push the envelope? After a tour of KSC I can attest that there is not much, if any waste there. They are continuing to use facilities and equipment from the 1960's! It's been updated, but seriously, that's how good it was designed ORIGINALLY... with Slide rules!

I am outraged that our President would go to the place where so much advancement has occurred... tell those who created it to stay home... and then kill all the work that has been done without any plan to move forward. And it's buried in the news. It took me a couple of days to find everything out and I had a starting point!

Be mad. Be upset. Our Government is wasteful and misguided. Send a message this year and again in 2012. It's time to stop just accepting and stand up for what is good and right in America.

-End of Ramble.


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when we put an illegal in the White House. I am not being a racist, just telling the truth. Barry Soetoro is a globalist, that wants to take the U. S. to a 3rd world status.

He cares no more about NASA, than he does the country in general. He has one mission: To destroy the wonderful country that our forefathers gave their lives for.

What is sad, is the fact that the fluoride head zombies out there, will re-elect this imposter.

Anonymous said...

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That is disappointing - the Obama administration should take pride in the NASA program and fund it accordingly.