Tuesday, December 08, 2009


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If you like your paycheck, you might prefer the low income tax places: Czech Republic, Bulgaria,
S. Korea, Russia, Romania, Syria,
UAE, etc. It is discouraging, but
we seem to be slipping by any criteria http://www.nationmaster.com/cat/lif-lifestyle&all=1 ..and I was shocked to see that Norway, Sweden
Denmark and Finland are more willing to 'Fight For My Country'
than we Americans. If "their freedoms are curtailed" ya fooled me. As for business, I saw the good years, I watched the trends
away from mfg, the growth of MBA
thinking, the buyouts..and gosh I'm glad I've been retired for seven years!
Since I make more than most still hard at work, I can't complain, and surely I will leave our 200+ year system of government alone.
(didn't enlist in '64 for the fun of it, after all) Just attempting to navigate between Rand's 'Gault' and Jonothan Swift's 'A

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Modest Proposal'

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