Thursday, September 03, 2009

8 Then Vacate

Can you name one of your three elected congressional representatives? Yes, you have three - unless you live in the District of Columbia then you're surrounded by them.

Want to know who they are?


House of Representatives:

Once you know who they are, go check out some of their voting records. You may find some things you like, but I'll bet you find some things that make you mad.

Then, once you're educated on your elected representation, see how long they've been in office. If they have been there more than 8 years, I suggest you kick them out. Serving in Congress was never meant to be a job or a lifestyle. After someone has been lavished with the kind of benefits our "American Royalty" receive, they've pretty much lost touch with the real society. If they have been there more than 4 years, get someone warming up in the bull pen.

8 Then Vacate.

##That's my opinion##

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Most Americans probably do not know who their representatives are.